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About Us

Since 2020, we have been forging Damascus Steel, D2 Steel Knives. We had been selling our knives on Marketplace like Etsy, Ebay and Amazon. Now we have constructed this website to sell our knives directly to our buyers without the heavy commissions of marketplaces; reflecting these savings as discounts to our customers. 

Our Knives have had a perfect 5.0 Score on Marketplace Reviews from more than 600 sales.

Selling on Marketplaces can yield high number of sales but the big companies take the chunk of the profit we make; leaving very little profit to distribute to forgers and raw material suppliers.  Also these marketplaces are very bossy and they limit the sellers' freedom on how they communicate with the buyers, resulting in poorer communications and hence drop on potentially better customer satisfaction.

In seek of our freedom, we started to sell our knives on our own website at

Within the first month of our launch, we reached 75 sales on our website.

Now that you have discovered our website that connects the producer and the buyer directly, enjoy the discounted prices for the same quality of genuine knives. 

If you have any questions or cannot find what you re looking for, contact us for support and a custom knife that ONLY you will posses. 

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