After 387 successful sales and perfect customer review score, the Zehiroglu Damascus knife shop at Etsy was permanently suspended by a member of Etsy Trust and Safety team for ne reason.  Large marketplaces like Etsy, do not value the individual sellers due to the fact that they're dealing with just too many and individually each one is dispensable with no value at al. Despite the fact that the shop generate dover 100K US$ of sales,  it was shut down over a night, leaving the last few Christmas orders unfulfilled and with lots of questions on buyers' side. Obviously Etsy staff is also not worried about the customer satisfaction individually because they just have too many customers and each individual customer is dispensable as well as the sellers. 

Zehiroglu had built a strong customer base over the years at his Etsy store. His repeat customers were happy as well as the first buyers. By shutting down the shop with no prior notice, Zehiroglu was cut off from his customers that trusted him along with his data, his financial information on Etsy platform and his personal information.  

Unfortunately the massive marketplaces like Etsy, end up becoming villains as their sales, suppliers and users grow. Individually no one on the platform has any value for Etsy. This leads to poor customer satisfaction and poor quality of goods and services.  These evil corporations employ insufficient and incapable people to handle their trust and safety. These clueless people are given too much power and this results in power poisoning; leading them to do stupid things like shutting down a perfectly legitimate shop that generates thousands of dollars and hundreds of satisfied customers for themselves.  The employees at Etsy Trust and Safety team are actually harming Etsy and getting away with it because Etsy has lost control of its logic and operations.  These incapable employees decide on critical issues at their warm offices or homes, without a clue how much that shop is important to Etsy, to the buyers, to the sellers, and the whole community that is involved in the growth of these market places. 

Please support the victims of Villain corporations by buying from them directly at their own websites or small platforms.